It was just relish, right?


We roasted hot dogs and had dill relish with them tonight. Then I left to get the kids ready for bed while Caleb fed the dog.

When I came back I rinsed the dishes by moonlight.

That relish spoon sure feels odd. We only used it for relish, I thought, as I rubbed it with my fingers under the water. It felt gooey and sticky, but I couldn’t place it.

I’ll just do a quick rinse under water and wash them in the morning, I thought to myself.

Then, I brushed and flossed my teeth.

In the morning as we’re making breakfast, Caleb reaches over and says, “I need to wash this spoon real good because of what I used it for last night!”

“What do you mean?,” I say.

“Since I used it for dog food.”

Ugh. Gross.

Sometimes things are what they appear to be.
Other times, they’re not.

When I work in the dark or in the dim moonlight, there will be things that will be missed, misunderstood, or messed up.

Beloved ones, perhaps you’ve felt like you have been walking in the dark, living and working in dim light. Perhaps, we need to offer ourselves, and the ones around us, heaping servings of grace in this season. When we have needed extra understanding this past year, Caleb and I have said to one another, “It’s not like we’re going through a season of global pandemic or something!… oh right, we are.” Yes, we are.

We’ve all been through a lot. Individually and collectively. Deep exhaustion and burnout are a reality. We are weary and grieving. And that’s okay.

We’ve been walking in the dark, seeing in the dim light.
So… it’s really not just relish.
And we all need some grace right now.