The Journey.

I Believe in Healing

Wholeness and healing are available. I will never stop believing that miracles are possible.I’ve witnessed first-hand cancer that is wiped out,babies that survive and thrive,money that

My Grandma Jean: Love & Stories

Experiences with her are woven together in a blurry, patchwork of memories. Tables full of cousins at Christmas time. Turkey and BBQ, stuffed raisin cookies,

Christmas – holy or humdrum?

There are times when every ordinary moment seems so precious and vivid, wild with life. Where things are seemingly suspended in the air, as if

Experiencing-Self / Remembering-Self

In her book All Joy and No Fun: The paradox of modern parenthood, Jennifer Senior describes the ways children reshape the lives of their parents.


“I want the ‘Praise God for the Journey’ song,” Ava requested. “I’m not sure what that is? What song is that, my sweet?” I ask.