The Journey.

Cry out to God in the Weary Land

 “I waited and waited and waited for God.    At last, God looked; finally listened.God lifted me out of the ditch,    pulled me from deep mud.God stood me up

It was just relish, right?

We roasted hot dogs and had dill relish with them tonight. Then I left to get the kids ready for bed while Caleb fed the

All the things easily overlooked

It has been 12 months since we closed our sanctuary.12 months. I’m not sure if I can adequately express the grief of this.For the first

living a powerful, dependent life

One of the hallmarks of humanity’s progress has been finding and using the power available to us. We harness the strength of muscle, fire, wind,

the command to be angry

“In your anger do not sin” ( Eph 4:26) This is a quote from Psalm 4:4 which literally translated says, “Be angry and do not