The Call of God to Try Something New

I’ve been getting some serious joy out of trying new things. Perhaps it’s age and the desire to stretch myself. I actually blame it on COVID. Coming out of the pandemic lock-down, I’ve felt drawn to new experiences. In the last 6 months, when given the option of something ‘tried and true’ or something new, […]

The silence of the soul in the sanctuary of God’s presence

I was on for a Zoom meeting, but there was a problem. The audio was echoing so badly that I was unable to hear the others talking. For each person who spoke, their voice echoed at least a dozen times, making their words incomprehensible. Not only that, my voice echoed in my own ears! Between […]

A knock at my window and an invitation to see

Several times a week during this last year of pandemic, Mr. Jack pulls up his truck at my church office window. He steps out and comes over. If I’m working on something and didn’t notice his arrival, I hear a loud knock on the glass. Sometimes I see him approaching and move the blinds back […]

It was just relish, right?

We roasted hot dogs and had dill relish with them tonight. Then I left to get the kids ready for bed while Caleb fed the dog. When I came back I rinsed the dishes by moonlight. That relish spoon sure feels odd. We only used it for relish, I thought, as I rubbed it with […]

All the things easily overlooked

It has been 12 months since we closed our sanctuary.12 months. I’m not sure if I can adequately express the grief of this.For the first time, we had kids in our sanctuary this week. They came solo or in sibling groups. On the platform, signing their song for the camera.Tears flooded my eyes.How much they’ve […]

enough: God’s sustaining strength in an ordinary mason jar

Some of these days have felt longer than normal. I feel the weight of grief pressing down on my chest and shoulders. Sometimes tears escape down my cheeks. I move to do what I do each night, keeping an unconventional and grounding spiritual practice. I fill my jar with water. It’s a spiritual practice of […]

living a powerful, dependent life

One of the hallmarks of humanity’s progress has been finding and using the power available to us. We harness the strength of muscle, fire, wind, gas, oil, coal, and nuclear energy. Many of us, however, have yet to utilize the spiritual power and strength available to us. All throughout the Bible, where the Holy Spirit […]

the command to be angry

“In your anger do not sin” ( Eph 4:26) This is a quote from Psalm 4:4 which literally translated says, “Be angry and do not sin.” Most commentators translate this as conditional – “if and when you get angry, do not sin.” Some, however, view this as a double command. In other words, be angry […]

What was preaching like for you this year?

“What is it like for you to preach virtually instead of in-person?”The tone of this question has been one of two types. 1.) Those who imagine these last 10 months as a “vacation” for the lead pastor or preaching pastor.  2.) Those who realize the weight of this time, and the energy it has taken […]

a Christmas baby and the year 2020

I’m feeling quiet and reflective tonight. Yes, it’s the time of year. The end of the year. The holidays. The story of Jesus that changes our lives. And it’s also this particular year. 2020. A year I will never forget. I think back to 2011. This is the year I whispered the words to Caleb, […]