What was preaching like for you this year?

“What is it like for you to preach virtually instead of in-person?”The tone of this question has been one of two types. 1.) Those who imagine these last 10 months as a “vacation” for the lead pastor or preaching pastor.  2.) Those who realize the weight of this time, and the energy it has taken […]

a Christmas baby and the year 2020

I’m feeling quiet and reflective tonight. Yes, it’s the time of year. The end of the year. The holidays. The story of Jesus that changes our lives. And it’s also this particular year. 2020. A year I will never forget. I think back to 2011. This is the year I whispered the words to Caleb, […]

“I want to do it by my own self”

“I want to do it by my own self” — These words are such frequent ones in our household. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter is strong and resilient already. She doesn’t easily give up, even as she encounters her own limitations.  When we are raising kids the goal is to help them grow into […]

This is invariably true.

“Nevertheless, I am always with you;You hold me by my right hand.You guide me with your counsel,And afterward you will take me into glory.” Psalm 73:23-24 The psalm for the day grabbed my attention.Nevertheless.In spite of it all.Notwithstanding.Yet, even in this. No matter what is happening in my life.Notwithstanding my own mistakes and foolishness.In spite […]

The Fire

Seventeen years ago this October, Caleb and I got married. One of the home appliances we bought with a wedding gift card was a bread maker. We had dreams of always having fresh bread in our home. We thought, we will “never need to buy store-bought bread again!” as the box said.  Our first attempt […]


Today, you and I are invited to cry out:“Help, Lord.” —Psalm 12:1 God’s sure response:“Fear not, I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

Can’t make this stuff up…

During my sermon, I talked about being a strange person – that I’m from Seattle, yet I do not like coffee. As they walked out, someone talked to me about how I should start drinking two cups a day for health benefits.  I’m pretty sure we can find a health benefit to anything (I don’t […]

Summer Travels, Developmental Leaps, and God’s Delight

We traveled this summer. Preaching and then spending time together as a family. 5 year old Josiah, 16 month old Ava, my husband Caleb and I explored beaches and hiked in forests in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California. Beauty all around. Bright spots of joy everywhere. Our Maker’s handiwork on full display.  Only a […]


Me: I’m the pastor at Azure Hills Him: Which denomination? Me: I’m Seventh-day Adventist  Him: He’s Adventist too (pointing at Other Guy) Other guy: What denomination are you? Me: Adventist Him: Then your husband is the pastor where? Me: It’s me, I’m the pastor   Him: Your husband is where? Me: ::smiling::