Take Time for the Story

It’s Sabbath morning and I’m at the church early. I have a few things to finish for worship. While I’m making these preparations, I see him getting out of his car. As I walked by, he steps onto the sidewalk, his eyes following me as I walk away. I don’t feel like I have time. […]

Like a Child

Ava squealed when I told her Christmas is coming. Truth be told, she asked how long it would be until her birthday, since several friends had parties recently. But when she found out Christmas comes before her birthday it was such a joy to see. Squeeeeeeee!!! Full smile. Dancing eyes. Jumping with excitement. “Truly I […]

How to Become Unshakeable

grat·i·tude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Last Thursday our son joined all the other second graders at his school in giving a Thanksgiving concert. In the words of my dear husband, “it brought on all the feels.” Hearing them sing and do the motions to each […]

What will be your one-word focus?

For quite some time I have approached the year asking God to show me my one-word focus for my next year of life. It’s been interesting to see where the Holy Spirit has led me. In the fall of 2019, as I prayed and made space to hear the word for the next year, God […]

A Dense Cloud of Witnesses

Sunday is typically our family day. The past few Sundays have looked a little different for us, as I’ve had the joy of participating in Nominating Committee, a leadership selection process in our church that takes place every two years. That means that we’ve had Sunday “family afternoons,” instead of family days. Because our time […]

Celebrate the Wins

We begin a new month today, friends. November is here and 2021 is nearing the close. As I prepared for my leadership coaching call this last week, I wrote down ideas and took time reflecting. As I was doing this, the Holy Spirit invited me to stop. I paused and listened. Celebrate the wins, I […]

God Works In the Wait

The work God is doing in you is primarily what is happening while you are waiting. Often the thought is that the work is done when we arrive at the big place that we are praying for, yet so often the work, the real work, is done in the in-between. I know this. I’ve experienced […]

The Parable of the Brats and People Pleasing

This weekend, my friend Pastor Damian Chandler was here with us at our church to speak. It was a gift to my soul and to our congregation. In an open Q and A, he was asked the question, what is the riskiest thing you’ve done in ministry? I loved his answer so much I want […]

Know enough to choose empathy

Josiah asked me to be “mommy dentist” tonight so I brushed and flossed as he laid his head back in my lap. Suddenly he’s in excruciating pain. It’s the spot the dentist said to watch. Perhaps it’s going to be a cavity we need to fill. He hurts. What do we say in moments like […]

Hidden hurts and the tenderness of our God

I tripped.You can’t make this stuff up… About an hour ago I was doing bedtime solo with the kids and tripped over a potty seat tucked behind the rug. My toes caught under the plastic edging and I face-planted onto the carpet. Slowly, I moved my body to look in the mirror, and to my […]