For the Joy of It


I have been intentional about entering into joy these days.

Gratitude lists and pauses for:
experiencing the joy,
entering the fullness of life,
reveling in the answers to prayer,
seeing the ways God has been working.

So I raised up my hands to God and did a leap for joy.
I danced around the room, singing a hymn of praise.
And threw my back out.
I’m not kidding.

“I bring you good news of great joy for all people!” Luke 2:10

The angels proclaim news of great joy!
This joy comes to all of us.
What can you celebrate?

Sure, it’s messy.
It’s not all finished. It’s not all neatly concluded with a bow tied on top. It’s not for me either. There are still sleepless nights, the persistent exhaustion, and the unknowns of the year before us.

But what would it look like to let joy grab hold of your heart today? This season?

Hopefully, you can skip the part about throwing your back out and just enter the joy.

O God of joy for all people,
we come to you with hearts set ablaze by the display of your glory.
Fill our skies and fill our hearts with the joy of Jesus, the One who fulfills all our longings.
Set us free to celebrate.